Sew 285 – White shirt skirt

Jane Milburn wears refashioned white shirt skirtSo much fun at Undress Brisbane seeing sustainable fashion showcased in a glamorous West End warehouse presented by the amazing Edda Hamar and the #undress14 team. I loved meeting refashioner Kim Bailey from East of Grey and seeing Sinerji and Melanie Childs (a New Zealand upcycler) designs on the runway.

I was wearing my white-shirt skirt created from white shirts – with the sleeves being left-over for another upcycle (in incubation). I picked up these eight shirts (most cotton, one linen, one cotton-polyester) over time from various op-shops because they were such good value and I admired their front features.  

Firstly I cut panels from each of the shirt fronts then sewed them all together to make a circle. I then sewed down all of the button fronts except one, which is used as the opening. I cut the bottom off a white t-shirt and used this to connect the shirt-skirt by acting as part lining and part waistband. Basically, the fronts form the outside, the backs form most of the lining and the t-shirt stretch brings the two together. The collars are all aligned as a feature at the bottom of the skirt. I had a piece of white muslin 3.6m long, which I doubled over and stitched together to form a soft scarf feature and wore it with a simple white (opshop-found) t-shirt.

refashioned white shirt skirt