Sew 356 – Thanks for web support

Liz Jumelet wears upcycledKnowledge is power. And knowing people who know stuff, is pretty useful (and powerful) too. Today I thank the people who’ve given me website, social media and IT knowledge and support during this year – I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sew it Again is a labour of love run on ‘the smell of an oily rag’ for greater good, aided by volunteer effort. Technically speaking, you work from a place of good intention and the universe provides. There was that tricky spot halfway through the year though, when my laptop screen failed and it was a juggling act for a few weeks while my son Casey got my new laptop up and running. Obstacles, challenges and road blocks to get around. 

I thank Casey and my long-standing friend Gen Robey for organising the WordPress blogs for and as well as facebook twitter pinterest.  Also thanks to Cassie Woolley from Bluerock Software for a hosting transition required along the way. And thanks to my photographer friend Patria Jannides for some beautiful photos.

We’re up to Sew 356 which is a groovy ’60s inspired top created today with my friend Liz Jumelet in the Textile Beat studio. Knowing Liz (and Ron) were coming to lunch, I found a black and white cotton circle skirt in the stash (from an opshop somewhere) which Liz upcycled into a top. After looking at the patterning, Liz decided she wanted the stripes to be at the side, so she pinned and stitched from the bottom of the skirt about half way up to form bat-wing style sleeves. Then all that was required was to replace the white button with a pink button at the shoulder (the zip remains in place) to match her pink pumps. Liz has made some amazing quilts and Christmas stockings in her day. Sew pleased to have you upcycling too Liz!

Liz Jumelet upcycles