Sew 364 – Thanks friends + family

Many regard shopping as Jane Milb urn wears upcycledrecreational sport at this time of year with sales everywhere –  yet shopping is ultimately unsatisfying because there is always more bright, shiny, new merchandise to buy. 

OK, I did send Mr Darcy into the fray this week for new pots so we could pension off old ones that have seen decades of service and too many burning experiences. There was a need, not just a want.

Reducing consumption of new stuff is at the heart of this counter-culture Sew it Again project, which is exploring ways to reuse existing clothing and textiles rather than always buying new.

I admit to bulging wardrobes, which I’ve been trying to whittle down all year and only made a small dent in. Most of the stockpile is natural fibre-clothing from op shops which I can re-donate at any time, in the same way I bought it, so no harm done. 

After reflecting on what I’ve learned about upcycling, today I must say I am extremely grateful for such a unique opportunity – made possible thanks to a small legacy from my late brother Paul, support from Mr Darcy and my immediate family. So thank you, my family. And thanks to the many friends who have willed me through 365-days of blood, sweat and sewing.

The year has enabled me to explore and experiment with creative ways of reusing clothes that aren’t being worn in their current state. It has been a journey of transformation, for myself and the clothes, and I know it has influenced people’s thinking because they have told me so.

Sew 364 is a refashion of two rayon/viscose items with similar colour tones (extracted from the Blue opshop box). The paisley print skirt had a gathered waist, which is not a flattering style for me. After tilting the skirt on its side and liking the drape, I decided to use it that way. This means the middle part of the skirt’s side seam became the neckline, the other side-seam the new hem. Part of the old waistband became one armhole and the old hemline formed the other armhole and sideseam. Meanwhile, the dress (which had a piece missing because I’d used it for my Green Heart Fair bunting!) was cut up and reshaped to form a swishy insert feature in one sideseam. This refashion works with or without the croc leather belt from Mick’s Whips which I have on semi-permanent loan from my friend Carol! And I also have to says thanks Darcy for patiently taking so many photos through the year!

upcycled paisley rayon