You can view all the garments upcycled by Jane Milburn during 2014 for the Sew it Again project by visiting Textile Beat’s Pinterest board.

Jane Milburn by Patria Jannides


A collage of Sew it Again upycles January and February 2014


2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Inge Ross

    Very interesting. Would you ever have altered a men’s shirt ? I have to make my husband’s shirts bigger by app 20cm. Any idea how to tackle this one?
    Thank you by giving me advise
    Inge Ross

  2. Jane Post author

    Hi INge

    It is good that you are thinking about expanding men’s shirts – I have not done it myself.
    20cm is a significant shift.
    If I were to try it, I would cut open sideseams and underside of sleeve then add 10cm (plus seam allowance) into each side of shirt.
    You could unpick the seam, but I find it easiest/quickest just to cut old stitching away.
    Hope this helps.

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