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Sew 360 – Thanks upcyclers, models

Steph wears upcycledToday I thank the many upcyclers and models I’ve had the opportunity to work with during this Sew it Again year.

Looking back at the 360 photos (to date) taken during the year pinned here on Pinterest is a great reminder of the breadth of both old and young who’ve been involved with the project.

Upcycling appeals across generations and of course was a practise routinely undertaken in earlier times when clothing was valued for the natural resources it represents. People refashioned and reshaped, mended and passed clothes along as hand-me-downs.

We’ve been reclaiming some of that conscious and conservative culture during 2014 – and I thank those who have been part of the journey by engaging in workshops at various locations or at the Textile Beat studio in Brisbane Australia.  Continue reading

Sew 347 – Comfy two-shirt shift

Jane Milburn wears refashioned linen/silk dressThe thing I enjoy most about refashioning existing clothing is the organic process, turning what is readily at hand into something that works for your own shape and needs. Even though I’ve been steadily working my way through various wardrobes of opshop-found treasure this year, I still have an awful lot at hand.

My dear friend Kay is heading off the live in the Czech Republic early next year, sparking a clean-out in which she sends her natural-fibre cast-offs my way knowing they will be put to good use.

Sew 347 is a refashion of two tops into a cool and loose summer dress. The lemon linen was an almost new opshop found top, in a big size which I wasn’t wearing in its current state.  Continue reading