Textile Beat

Sew it Again is a project of Textile Beat, a social enterprise/small business inspiring the upcycling of natural fibres, fabric and textured objects … and following the heart on a creative journey by working with integrity, creativity and purpose. Textile Beat believes in dress with conscience and clothes with a good story to tell. #dresswithconscience #dresswithstory

The Textile Beat philosophy aligns with The Earth Charter which recognises the global environment has finite resources. It specifically relates to ecological integrity as outlined in Principle 7a: Reduce, reuse, recycle the materials used in production and consumption systems.

It was established in 2013 by agricultural scientist and communications consultant Jane Milburn in Brisbane, Australia, to value post-consumer natural fibre resources and tap into potential opportunities to repurpose existing garments for pleasure, reward and  sustainability.

2 thoughts on “Textile Beat

  1. Christine

    Just found your wonderful website! Now that my “stay at home mother” days are coming to a close, I have been trying to find a kind, loving, creative outlet that doesn’t contribute to consumerism! I’m on to this great upcycling idea! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jane Post author

    Thanks for lovely feedback Christine. I personally find it relaxing to play around with waste textiles instead of buying new stuff. We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to ways of creatively reusing unworn clothing – of which, there is so much. All the best with it!

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